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XMAS Hours Update!

Season’s greetings! We’re here to help if you want a girl in stockings instead of just a stocking for Xmas.

Still available this week are LUCY, MALIN, DEMI, CANDY, MAYA, and ODETTE.

Please note MONA has finished for the year.

KELLY has finished for the year. Kelly will be back from about January 4.

Malin will finish for the year on December 24th. She will also be back from around January 4.

Maya will be away December 25-27, then working again from December 28.

NICOLE may be available on select days. Can text to ask.

Coming soon, new photos for Odette and Demi. Check the website to see those later this week. Wow Stacy pussy looks so nice! Come and lick her lol.

And have a happy holiday!

PS: Bonus photo is Nicole.


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