About Zenzone /

ZENZONE is a group of private escorts and masseuses offering sexual services to bring joy, satisfaction, relaxation and pleasure to your day. We work from a few private locations in Auckland, New Zealand.


All girls are private and discreet. There is no mamasan/boss at location. All bookings are made directly with the girl you wish to see. We are not a walk-in brothel. The girl who answers the phone is the girl in the photo. The exception to this is if a girl prefers someone else to answer her phone for personal reasons (eg. currently Reena texts on behalf of Mona).


We are not so much an โ€˜agencyโ€™, more a group of friends who combine resources like a collective. We donโ€™t pay high agency fees. This allows us to keep our prices low. Instead of charging higher, we pass this saving along to customers. Hence Zenzone often has beautiful girls with amazing service at affordable prices.


Please CONTACT the person you desire and enjoy her unique Massage or Escort services today. ๐Ÿ’‹

How to Book /

For Full Service or Sensual Massage in Auckland, you are welcome to choose from the persons listed on the HOME page.

Please note:

  • You contact each girl directly to make a booking. Call or text her mobile number. One girl cannot book a different girl for you. They work at different locations and don't all know each other.

  • Not all girls provide the same services or charge the same price. Most offer Full Service. Some do Sensual Massage only. Some do extras. Please click their photos on the HOME page to read more details on their individual profile pages.

  • All bookings are private and discreet. All bookings are cash only. Eftpos or bank transfer are not available. Prices are as stated on the profile pages. Discounts are not available.

  • All girls have real photos. Who you see is who you get. See more photos on their profile pages.

  • Have fun! ๐Ÿ’‹


Guide to Services /

Different escorts and masseurs offer different services. This is a general guideline:

Full Service typically involves sexual intercourse with oral sex and massage included as you desire. Showers are provided before and after the booking. Sex is always with condom. Prices and extras vary depending on the person you are with.

A Sensual Massage is a nude massage with oil and stimulating touches. You and your masseuse are both nude. Most providers allow you to touch them in intimate places but this can vary. Please respect boundaries. The price includes a 'happy ending' which means hand job. If you want sex during a Sensual Massage, it is better to simply book Full Service.

This is a 'proper' massage, perfect for your body to relax. Zenzone does not offer Thai Massage as a standalone booking. You are required to book Full Service or Sensual Massage. If you wish Thai Massage to be included in your booking please ask your provider as many are skilled in this area.

Photo Policy /

Zenzone is committed to only using REAL PHOTOS of the people who work with us and not doing 'bait and switch'. The girl in the photo is the girl you will meet. For personal privacy, faces are blurred, and most photos are retouched to remove identifiable marks (for example, a tattoo or scar). We do not retouch photos to alter body shape (for example, making boobs bigger or waists thinner). That, or fake photos claiming to be 100% real, can be common on other websites. Not here. Our promise again: the girl in the photo is the girl you will meet. 

For Zenzone News /

Zenzone has a blog. Find it under the LATEST tab. It features updates on who's working, special offers, and bonus photos.

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Do you enjoy using the Zenzone website? Please consider a donation. Is browsing our website worth one cup of coffee - say $5 - per month? A cup of coffee per week? One cup of coffee per year? Anything is greatly appreciated and helps to cover on-going costs like web hosting and Updates so we can feature more content. Credit card details are not seen by Zenzone. Thank you. ๐Ÿ’‹

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