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UPDATE for Sunday, May 15!

Righto. Been some time since we did an update!

Things seem to be settling down again after COVID/lockdowns/parties. Here's a quick update on who's working...

KELLY has been away for two weeks. She's back from Monday, May 16. Working from the same location, DEMI will be available Monday-Friday. All three do Full Service.

RONDA is available and offering Nuru, massage, and Full Service. KITTY was away since Friday. She's also back from Monday, May 16 for Full Service. JADE is available for a few more weeks. We did say it was her final days. This was legit! But unforeseen events have changed that. She's getting great reviews for her service now, so make sure to see her!

CANDY is available for one of the best Sensual Massages in Auckland. MAYA has been working less lately, but should eb available again later this week!

HAILIE is new and working from a house in St Johns. She will be in Auckland for a limited time from Monday, May 23.

EMILY is away this week and will return next week.

Get to it! Bonus photo here is Jade.


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