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Monday, MARCH 29 Update!

Hello horny people!

Thank you for being patient if you were trying to book some of the girls this weekend. Most of us were away. But everyone should be back on track this week.

JESSE is expected back on Monday, March 29.

KELLY is expected back from Thursday, April 1.

MAYA's hours this week will be Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday and Saturday 12pm-9pm. Strictly within those times, and please note 30 mins is the longest booking time she does.

CANDY, ZOEY and ODETTE continue to be available 7 days.

DEMI is available Monday-Saturday 9am-7pm. If you want someone early, Demi or Zoey are your best bets. Stacy sometimes starts 8am. Please book her before her finishing time of 7pm.

JENNY is back. Her days and hours vary. On Monday 28 she's good to go from 12pm.

MAEVE has limited days at the moment. This week Monday, Friday, Sunday are most likely. Don't give up if you've been texting her. Replies usually only happen on the days she's working.

Hope that helps!


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