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Monday, FEB 17 Update!

Hello come to see us this week...

CANDY, BELLA and MALIN are working. Some notes on their hours: on weekdays Bella is not available 1pm-5pm but you can see her before or after. Malin is not available 5pm-9pm but you can see her before or after.

LUCY, STELLA, MONA and KITTY are available this week. Kitty will be available more hours from this week. Previously on weekdays you had to wait until 2:30pm. She can now do from mornings.

ANGELA is working Monday only this week.

KATIE is available weekday afternoons. JENNY is available at different times on different days. LYDIA is flexible but needs notice so she can be at the location. TEQUILA has very limited availability, after 6pm only a few days a week.

We also have a new LUCKY DIP service. If you're not sure who to see, just text 'LUCKY DIP' and we'll send you to someone random who is available! Take a chance!


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