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Saturday, NOVEMBER 17 update!

Welcome to the weekend!

If you're horny, we have the solution. Working around three different locations are SASHA, SUNSHINE, BELLA, VICTORIA, GLORIA, BERRY, LUNA, CHARM, LUNA, RIVER, maybe PINKY, maybe CANDY.

As the year ticks down, we have a few staff leaving us. Here's an update...

BERRY's last day is Sunday, November 18th. So hurry, hurry, hurry if you haven't had a chance with this sexy Singapore girl yet.

With Berry's departure, this weekend is also your last chance to experience the amazing BERRY-GLORIA real bi-double!

GLORIA's last day is November 27th. See her before then. We're expecting her back early next year.

KATIE is available weekdays only. Next week is probably her final week for the year.

ELLIE is away this weekend and should be back...maybe middle of next week.

Please note GRACE has finished for the year. She has gone overseas and says she might be back in October next year. Wait and see.

It's not all departures. In mid-December we welcome back a girl who hasn't worked for two years. You may remember her from 2106. Wait and see lol.

You're welcome to visit us this weekend. Come and cum. :P

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