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Tuesday, MAY 1 update

Some news you can use...

This week SASHA, LUNA and KELLY are working together in their own place. They are available for bi-doubles.

SUNSHINE available at other place. With her at different times will be CHARM and BELLA. Maybe LILY return later this week. Maybe REENA there also.

TIGER is away on tour in Christchurch.

ALEXA is away this week. Expected back next week.

SARA is unlikely to be available this week.

JULIANNA is working until Monday then on tour to Christchurch.

SERENE is working in Hamilton this week.

CYNTHIA is available. Best times weekdays 10am-6pm at 2 locations depending on time of day.

PAULA is available from Tuesday. Similar hours to Cynthia except at different location.

Is your penis available? Hope so!

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