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Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone an enjoyable and prosperous 2022.

Goodness, looking at our LATEST blog, we slacked off with no posts in the second half of last year! Obviously, a lockdown-that-never-ends was the primary reason for that. There wasn’t much to say...

This year - assuming life returns to what passes for normal - we promise to post plenty here and give you motivation to visit our website often.

There are certainly good reasons to visit the zenzone girls. But you know that already! I hope!

We're back working. Available most days of this first week of January are CANDY, JADE, and ZOEY.

MAYA is working Monday 3rd, has Tuesday and Wednesday off, then back from Thursday 6th through until Monday 10th.

DEMI (pictured here in black) is returning on Wednesday 6th. KELLY should be around then; waiting confirmation from her.

LAVARI is getting ready to work again soon. And JESSE shouldn’t be too far away.



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