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Wednesday, FEB 27 update!

This year's almost 2 months done already. So fast!

Soon it will be over! Make time for important things. Memories that last a lifetime. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses.

Or just have sex or massage with us.

Many options!

CANDY and LEXI are offering Sensual Massage (maybe more). BELLA is doing massage or Full Service. They work together at one location.

At another place, LUNA and LUCY are doing amazing Full Service. With them also part-time is RIVER for Sensual Massage and MEGAN for both. SHYLA also during daytime.

PEACH offers Full Service.

GLORIA, CATHY and STARRY all offer Full Service at another location.

Hurry hurry: today is Starry's last day. Cathy's last day is this Sunday.

Other news: NICHA has been away this week. Hopefully back end of this week. SASHA is taking a break at the moment.

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