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Friday, FEB 8 update!

Hey hey. Been too long since we did an update!

Lots of girls available this weekend.

One location has LUNA, NICHA, MEGAN, LUCY and maybe RIVER this weekend.

Megan and River are both 20s girls. Luna, Lucy and Nicha are hot MILFs.

Second location has CATHY, STARRY and GLORIA. Gloria has hot new photos on her profile. Pussy in public! Oh my.

Third location has CANDY and SASHA.

Fourth location has PEACH if she working this weekend.

Extra news:

1. BELLA is away for one more week then she will be back with Candy and Sasha.

2. Hurry for Nicha! She is away on tour from Tuesday next week so see her before then. Amazing service you'll come back for, huge boobs, sexy babe.

3. New girl alert! LEXI will be starting soon. Maybe from tomorrow, Saturday 9th. She'll be with Candy and Sasha. Slim girl in her 20s, super hot


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