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Wednesday, JANUARY 9 update!

So many girls walking in the city this evening wearing hardly any clothes! Must be because of Nicki Minaj concert...

Well if you want girl with NO clothes, come to us.

And if you want girl with big booty like Nicki Minaj, come for SASHA. We think they about same size butt. Seriously big butt.

Most of our girls have good booties. BELLA, CANDY and LUNA also. They are all available tonight.

In other news, CATHY is away tonight, returning Thursday. RIVER has been away for a few days, should be back tonight or Thursday. ELLIE expected back end of this week. Two more girls expected back within a week, wait and see.

CLARISSA is here for 2 more weeks only so hurry for her.

And if you love round butts, hurry for BELLA, CANDY, LUNA and SASHA tonight.

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