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Thursday, NOVEMBER 22 update!

Today today today...

You can see any of SUNSHINE, CANDY, SASHA and BELLA working together at one location, Sunshine and Sasha both have good specials on at the moment. See their ads. Candy and Bella both have perfect shaven pussies. See their ads!

At another place, VICTORIA and GLORIA are available. Hurry, hurry. Gloria is into her final week before she takes a looooooong holiday until next year. See her before Wednesday, Nov 28th.

At another place, LUNA, ELLIE, and CHARM are available. PINKY and RIVER are part-time at that location as well. All offer lots of variety with one thing in common: good service!

Coming up, if you miss SHAY, we may have good news soon. And if you miss TIGER, we may have good news even sooner,

Stay tuned and keep your penis ready!

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