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Saturday, OCTOBER 13 update!

Welcome to another update and lots of good news for you!

Two new girls are starting... NOW!

BERRY is sexy Singapore girl. Slim body, very elegant appearance. Very tasty pussy!

VENICE is hot Japan girl. Hourglass body, very big boobs and ass for Asian girl!

Berry and Venice will be working with GLORIA and ALEXA.

In more news, GRACE has moved location. She is now working at same place as CHARM, PINKY and LUNA. Grace will be taking a break in 3 weeks time so make sure you see her at least once (or more; if you try her you'll want more!) before the end of October.

Khloe didn't really work out with us so she is gone for now.

RIVER news coming soon.

CANDY, BELLA and SASHA are all available at another location. If you are a "buttman" those three girls will have you in heaven. They all have amazing booty.

Come knocking!

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