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We have moved!

Some girls from zenzone have moved to a new location. And some girls have switched to a previous location. And some girls have stayed where they are.

If you are a regular, please don’t turn up to the wrong place. It might not be the girl you are expecting!

Here is who works together and where…

CBD Parnell:

Charm still there.

Pinky still there.

Luna has moved back there.

Paula can be there on Saturdays.

Shay should be back there soon.

CBD Waterfront:

Gloria has moved back there.

Alexa has moved there.

Grace is starting there.

Cathy is there for this week only.

CBD Spark, NEW location:

Sasha has moved there.

River has moved there.

Bella has moved there.

Candy has moved there.

CBD Countdown:

Peach still there.

Righto. Please book the girls. They all say they need more cock!

PS: Bonus photo of CANDY...

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