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Friday, AUGUST 31 update

This weekend lots of hot options to celebrate the beginning of Spring.

At one location, come for BELLA, LUNA, RIVER and SASHA. Full service and doubles available.

At another location, come for PINKY, GLORIA, ALEXA and CHARM. Full service and doubles available.

Sensual Massage available with CANDY,

Elsewhere look for PEACH and KATIE.

And news... SHAY has been away for a few weeks. She is expected back very soon. You can try her number, Maybe get lucky. LILY has been away for a looooong time. She may be back next week. Watch this space. Same for CATHY, away for even longer time, but maybe back next week.

ALEXA has been away this week. Not working. So apologies if you were trying to get hold of her. She is expected back from this weekend.

Excellent, exciting line up to choose from. And our uniforms are better than these ones!

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