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Tuesday, JUNE 20 update

Today today today...

KELLY, SUNSHINE, ALEXA and LILY all available now.

CHARM also. From Thursday Charm will have a price change. Quickies will be $100. Amazing value for quick boom boom with super hot girl.

Also ask Charm about her friend ASHLEY. Ashley does SM only, no FS at the moment.

LAURA also doing $100 quickies. Please text to her only. She can't answer phone outside of her work hours.

JULIANNA has done a new photo shoot. Coming soon.

GLORIA and BELLA available now. RIVER is away today and tomorrow, returning Friday.

GLORIA doing special BJ only bookings. Amazing service. Same price as her FS bookings.

Bi-doubles available with GLORIA and BELLA, and RIVER from Friday.

Or other place with SUNSHINE, KELLY, LILY and ALEXA.

Come and get dirty!

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