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Thursday, MAY 17 update

You can be this guy...

...or you can come and see a real woman!

Actually, his doll does look kinda hot. Would.

REENA is back. Doing SM. She's available afternoon today and working with LILY, SUNSHINE and KELLY.

BELLA and SASHA are at another place. Exciting news! Bella is now doing bi-doubles. You can have Bella and Sasha together for $220 half hour or $300 hour. Great price for real bi-double.

JULIANNA is working at her own place. CYNTHIA also available there but just in afternoons. I think 3-6pm on weekdays.

POPCORN is back this week at her studio apartment.

KATIE working part-time in suburbs. PAULA working part-time in city (Saturday's good for her).

TIGER, ALEXA and SARA all away this week.

Come, come, cum, cum again, come back and cum some more.

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